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Develop, Understand, and Maintain your business on our brand management platform.

Our strategy is made of 8 branding principles.

These 8 principles house the main components of what is encompassed within our self-paced/guided program. This is how we kick start the Bprouder experience.

Principle 0 - Product/Service

Branding is designed for long-term gain. The offering must have a differentiation factor; to leverage over competitors.

Principle 1 - Research

Understanding your offering is at the heart of this stage. All information we gather requires a precise guide on how we shape your strategy in the end.

Principle 2 - Mission, Story, and Beliefs.

We determine and learn how, why, what, and where your brand’s experience leads the consumer.

Principle 3 - Developing Strategy

Strategy varies per industry and individual consumers. The combination of the other principles helps illustrate our actions for brand growth.

Principle 4 - Communication

Communication requires visual and data components.

Offering in-house or 3rd party services. We’ll complete the data component and create an identity that targets your audience.

Principle 5 - Growth

After communication, we will establish a set of long-term and short-term goals. Both involving business and brand growth.

Principle 6 - Implement. Understand. Educate.

Maximize your potential. making it a priority to focus on one goal.

Principle 7 - Maintain

Maintaining your brand encompasses association. Our goal is consistently associate your brand with attributes for the consumer’s sub-conscious mind.

Develop your brand.

We know you’re busy and don’t have time. You can create your account, understand our program, and purchase your program and subscription in minutes.

– Sign up for our program                                – Understand exactly what you’re paying for and how it works in your business.          – Easy check-out process

2.) Develop your brand through our experience.

Work in a self-paced and guided experience. With support available throughout. Dig deep to answer those questions marketers are always asking about. 

During this phase of the program; we establish vital information and data to support it.    


I’ve adapted Marty Neumeier’s “Only-ness Factor” which is based off the proven fact

that the first in industry to be successful wins recognition. (ex. Toyota – Hybrid)

• Why your product/service is purchased and how it benefits the consumer

• What Primary Problem is being solved

• Action Step – Firm understands previous two elements plus understand journey map

• What stage is the product/service in (Un-Developed/Developed/Launched)

• What’s the need for the product/service look like

• As the agency learn previous work and gather key information for later us.


Research is vital to establish the detailed statistics and the core.

Using a targeted approach to theory we gather information and data to complement our

services and prepare the base for all outgoing agencies.

This principle is a collaborative experience which requires full cooperation from the client

Together we will collect, understand, and record the following:

Industry Research (A)

Competitor Analysis (B)

Only-ness (C)

Consumer Research (D)

Trademark Search (E)

+Name Research

Mission, Story, and Beliefs

Understanding your target audience and their purchasing behavior help establish a profile for this consumer. Constructing the foundation of your business’s brand. By defining consumers’ mission, story, and beliefs; we can better determine or guide consumer behavior during the brand experience.

Mission – True-line/Tagline and overall communication. If we as a society understand we are individuals with beliefs and associate our lifestyle around such then it is your job as a brand to help inflict emotion to compliment the target consumers’ mind state.

Story – A combination of why you started, your expertise, and when you got started gives a great base for starting this task. Think of any supporting details or information that would appeal to your ideal consumer such as linking back to complimenting your mission and beliefs.

Beliefs – If you don’t show any controversy then loyal consumers will lose trust in your brand. More importantly, you’re not going to repel the consumers you don’t want.

3.) Develop your brand Identity 
Your Visual Identity is a key tool
for building a brand.

Determines your-

– Color Theory
– Font and layout
– Logo Development
– Letterhead Design
– Business Card Design
– Brand Guide

Understand your brand

4.) Understand your information.

Utilize your brand management platform as a resource. Gaining 24/7 access to the data we compiled and to your files. 

We will guide you through your platform and how to make the most of BPROUDER.     

Maintain your brand

5.) Access to a personalized shop made for you.
Made for your business; you’ll find industry specific products housed from our 3rd party vendors.  
Brand centric products relate from business cards to corporate apperal. We partner with only the best of the best to ensure you can Brand prouder. Be prouder of your purchase. 
6.) Work with your CBO by utilizing your platform
Maintaining your brand is hard. We will continuously work with you to secure growth strategies and consistently work towards short and long-term goals.

Use your homepage to manage your relationship with your chief brand officer (CBO).

7.) Our partners trust BPROUDER so you can too. 
Get perks from our partners. From discounts to free credits.   
All partners are focused on brand growth. From industries that supply products for the shop. To offers on web hosting, Canva design services, and email marketing with Flodesk. 

After our program, you’ll feel more creative.

The good news is, we’re a creative agency.

Let’s create your future together.

Design Services

  • Web Design
  • Print Material
  • Large Format Signage
  • Promotional Items
  • Apparel 
  • Marketing Material
  • Digital Design
  • Product Packaging
  • Branded Cups

Consult Services

  • Social Media
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand PR
  • Business Goals
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Business growth
  • Consumer Research
  • Behavioral Science 

Print  Services

  • T-shirts / Uniforms
  • Other Apparel
  • Promotional Items
  • Signage
  • Business Cards
  • Marketing Materials
  • Print Materials
  • Stickers/Pins
  • Tents/Expo displays

We only recommend industry leaders. We trust our partners will work with you and your brand by providing industry solutions.

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